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Introducing Cambridge Bioscience's new look!

Cambridge BioscienceWe are excited to unveil our new logo and brand identity, a significant milestone that marks a new chapter in our journey and reflects our growth, evolution and continued dedication to innovation.

Our new logo, featuring a stylised DNA double helix icon, reflects our history and represents our place within Europa Biosite.

Whilst we embrace our new modern look, our commitment to providing exceptional products, services and support remains unchanged, and we continue to focus on our valued customers and suppliers.

We may have a new look, but we're still the better choice for life science researchers.

Get to know the Europa Biosite subsidiaries!

  • Biomol - Founded in 1968 Biomol is a leading life science distributor in Germany, connecting researchers with innovative life science products to meet the needs of the German life science community.
  • LubioScience - The newest member of Europa Biosite, LubioScience was founded in 2004 and successfully established itself as the fastest growing life science distributor in Switzerland.
  • Nordic Biosite - Founded in 1997, Nordic Biosite has become a specialist for the life science industry and distributes an extensive range of pioneering products in the Nordics and Baltics.
  • Sanbio -  Founded in 1978, Sanbio has extensive experience as both a manufacturer and life science distributor, supporting life science researchers in Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg.
  • Szabo-Scandic - Active as a life science distributor since 1963, Szabo-Scandic pride themselves on their close, personal relationships with researchers across Austria.

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Published 29 Nov 2023