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CASY applications

The CASY has been shown to provide exceptional results in a wide range of applications. Some of its numerous applications are listed below. If you cannot find the application you are interested in, please contact our specialists for more information.

PBMC counting & profiling

CASY enables the rapid counting and profiling of PBMC samples for viability, size trend or subpopulation referencing. As differences in PBMC monocyte/lymphocyte ratios between donors can have a major impact downstream, this feature is ideal as it allows for ratios to be determined as well as highlight other issues including remaining platelet carry through and RBC contamination.

PBMC Profiling

Comparison of PBMC Monocytes from different donors. Low monocytes show in yellow, high monocytes shown in red.

iPS cell propagation analysis

CASY enables the precise analysis of iPS cells during cell propagation, providing real time information on cell proliferation, viability and aggregation during the preparation of cells. This feature provides valuable parameters for iPSC quality control for downstream processing of cells.

iPSC Propagation

Size distribution of human iPSCs. Representative CASY cell analyzer data demonstrating size-based discrimination of iPSCs harvested with Accutase (green) and with EDTA (red). As shown, the cells appear mainly as single cells with less remaining aggregates (green), while dissociated with EDTA the cells are predominantly restricted to clusters (red).

Monitoring t-cell activation

CASY allows for reproducible and label free determination of T cell size and proliferation, both of which are reliable indicators to assess the quality of T cell cultures during expansion for adoptive T cell transfer.

T Cell Activation

Cluster formation & cell size distribution during CD4 T-cell stimulation. CD4 T cell populations were stimulated with anti-CD3/CD28 Dynabeads®. (A) Cluster formation in the initial phase of activation of human CD4 T cells. (B) CD4 T cells increased their cell size from 8 μm in freshly isolated quiescent T cells (green line) to 10 μm after 24 h (blue line) finally to 12 μm after 48 h of stimulation (red line). Shown are CD4 T cells of one representative donor.

Accurate estimation of biomass & aggregates

Utilising high-frequency scanning and a high dynamic measuring range, the CASY precisely measures volumes of cells or objects, providing immediate information on cell aggregates and entire biomass content of each sample.

Biomass Analysis

CASY analysis of cell proliferation of freshwater algae Raphidocelis subcapitata. Cell counts increase during cell division, while biovolume remains relatively stable. Orange line: counts/ml; green line: volume/ml

Other applications Include:
• DMPK hepatocyte assays
• Algal cell growth
• Bacteria counting
• Platelet counting & morphology
• Yeast & fermentation
• Monitoring cell cycle growth phases
• Cell proliferation assays

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