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Cardiac tissue model - CERO 3D application

The CERO 3D Incubator & Bioreactor enables the expansion of pluripotent stem cells and subsequent cardiac induction/differentiation, resulting in higher cell quality, yield and homogeneity. The pure cardiomyocytes can also be used in 2D downstream monolayer applications and are an ideal tool for disease modelling and drug discovery. 

Benefits of using the CERO 3D for cardiac tissue modelling
• Homogeneous 3D aggregates in suspension
• Easy to handle & standardise
• Expansion and differentiation in the same CEROtube
• No embedding substrate required
• Highest yield

Homogeneous cardiac bodies generated using the CERO 3D

Material available for download
Application note: differentiation and the dissociation of hiPSC-derived cardiospheres
Application note: dynamic expansion of human pluripotent stem cells in suspension

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