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Supplying Life Science Innovations For Over 30 Years

Cambridge Bioscience has been supplying life science innovations for more than 30 years, since being established by Alan Seeley in 1983. 

Over this time our products have certainly changed! We were supplying researchers during the earliest days of molecular biology, when PCR was still new and when sequencing 300 bases of DNA with Sequenase® was considered to be a breakthrough. Now we can support you whether you are sequencing whole genomes, doing multicolour flow cytometry or isolating circulating tumour cells.

In many respects we have remained the same. We still source innovative and reliable life science products from around the world, that we deliver efficiently and knowledgeably. Our products and services continue to help our customers to achieve their research goals.

Cambridge Bioscience is still a private company. Change is good, but there a lot to be said for continuity and experience too.

We thank you for being our customers throughout this time and we look forward to continuing to support you in your important work for many years to come.