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Treg/Th17 Molecular Research

T regulatory cells (Tregs) and T helper 17 cells (Th17) are CD4+ lymphocyte subtypes with opposing functions. When differentiation is biased towards Treg cells, this leads to immunological tolerance. By contrast when it is shifted towards Th17 cells, this tips the balance toward inflammation.

Cambridge Bioscience offers molecular research tools to assist researchers studying the two T cell subtypes.

1. Human and Mouse Foxp3 and RORC Overexpression Vectors
Generate transient and stable Foxp3 and RORC overexpression cell lines.
• Lentivectors
• PiggyBac Vectors

2. Mouse FoxP3 Inducible Expression Vector
Enables inducible FoxP3 expression in the presence of cumate.

3. Human and Mouse Foxp3 and RORC Overexpression Cell Lines
FoxP3 and RORC expressing human Jurkat cells are available.

4. Human and Mouse Foxp3, RORC and IL-17 Reporters

Detect FoxP3, RORC & IL-17 expression through GFP and Luciferase reporters.

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Foxp3 and RORC PiggyBac Vectors
Foxp3 and RORC Overexpression Lentivectors
Foxp3 and RORC Overexpression Jurkat Cell Lines
FoxP3, RORC & IL-17 GFP & Luciferase Reporter Constructs
Mouse Foxp3 Inducible Vector