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Xcell Biosciences

Xcell Biosciences
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Xcell Biosciences is advancing science by developing solutions for cell culture that accurately replicate physiological conditions.

The Xcell Biosciences Avatar™ is a revolutionary system for cell-based assays that replicates in vivo microenvironments to deliver reproducible, biologically relevant results. The Avatar™ is the first cell culture system capable of reproducing physiologically relevant conditions such as hydrostatic pressure and oxygen levels to mimic in vivo environments specific to a sample type. To further replicate in vivo conditions, Xcell Biosciences has also developed cell culture matrices and media to support authentic cell culture in key applications such as Circulating Tumour Cells and Stem Cell culture.

Cambridge Bioscience is proud to have been selected as the first international distributor for Xcell Biosciences and we are looking forward to supporting customers across the UK and Ireland in the years to come.

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