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Custom PiggyBac Transposon Vector Construction

Assemble DNA Constructs Simply & Efficiently Using The Gibson Assembly® Method


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Offering innovative PCR additives that maximise PCR performance, Thermagenix has a team with a track record of inventing, commercialising and supporting innovative products for life science research.  The technology improves polymerase specificity, enhances end quantitative data and achieves superior amplicon yield for downstream applications from genotyping to Gibson assembly, next generation sequencing sample preparation to diagnostics. 

Cambridge Bioscience are able to offer the following products from Thermagenix in the UK & Ireland:

1. ThermaStop™ - dramatically improves reaction specificity & provides greater product yield for reactions involving any thermostable DNA polymerase

2. ThermaGo™ interacts with DNA polymerase during the annealing & extension steps of PCR to improve amplification specificity & prevent PCR artifacts

3. ThermaStop-RT – for use in one-step or two-step reverse transcriptase-PCR assays containing gene-specific primers to significantly improve detection sensitivity and specific product yield

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