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Swift Biosciences

Swift Biosciences

Swift Biosciences develops next-generation sequencing (NGS) library preparation kits for genomics, translational and clinical research. Their proprietary technologies expand the range of sample inputs to extend the applications of NGS and are designed to maximise data output, provide the most comprehensive coverage available on the market and reduce sequencing costs.

Swift’s products are designed to facilitate library normalisation and to analyse DNA and RNA samples for applications including liquid biopsy, methylation sequencing, whole genome, exome and transcriptome sequencing as well as chromatin studies, from low input quantities and formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded samples. Swift’s mission is to provide research tools for long term improvements in the health and  the tools developed in their efforts are directly applicable to research in agrigenomics, biotechnology, metagenomics and the pharmaceutical industry.

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Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to supply Swift Biosciences products in the UK.