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OriCiro Genomics

OriCiro Genomics

OriCiro Genomics are pioneers in cell-free synthesis and amplification technologies of genome-scale large DNA for synthetic biology research.

Their proprietary technologies enable cell-free amplification of large DNA molecules, using an efficient and easy-to-operate approach which is designed to replace conventional E. coli cloning, streamline research workflows and widen the scope of genomics research.

OriCiro cell-free cloning system
The OriCiro™ Cell-Free Cloning System enables cell-free assembly and amplification of circular DNA molecules without E. coli transformation and culture. The system consists of a two-step reaction involving two products; OriCiro Assembly which ligates multiple DNA fragments seamlessly and the OriCiro Amp Kit to obtain select amplification of circular DNA. 

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to provide OriCiro Genomics’ products within the UK.