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Low Endotoxin Ovalbumin
Reliable, Effective, Endotoxin Removal Kits
ELISA Based Endotoxin Detection Kit


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Hyglos GmbH is a leading German biotech company offering products for the capture, detection and decolonization of bacteria and bacterial components based on advanced, proprietary phage-ligand technology.

Hyglos' works to exploit the principles of bacteriophage biology for diagnostic, antimicrobial and research applications offering diagnostic and antimicrobial solutions for bacteria and bacterial toxins. Their experienced scientists are highly skilled in the production and isolation of bacteriophages as well as their respective proteins and in protein expression, purification and characterization. The Hyglos portfolio includes outstanding products for endotoxin removal, endotoxin detection and endotoxin-free proteins and reagents.

Cambridge Bioscience has been appointed as the distributor for Hyglos in the UK and Ireland.

EndoLISA®, EndoTrap® and EndoGrade® are registered trademarks and properties of Hyglos Invest GmbH.

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