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Evrogen is an innovation-driven company founded by scientists dedicated to making successful ideas widely available as efficient products and services for life science research.

Evrogen are focused on developing new molecular genetics and cell biology techniques and materials for research use. Recent product and service highlights include:

TurboFP650 a near-infrared fluorescent protein for whole body imaging and multicolor applications.

DMEMgfp a cell culture medium specially intended for visualization of cells expressing green fluorescent proteins which ensures up to a 9-fold increase of GFP photo-stability.

T-Cell Receptor (TCR) profiling Service A comprehensive study of T-Cell Receptor (TCR) diversity in human blood to estimate an immune system status or changes in immune system parameters under conditions of an autoimmune disease or infection.

Cambridge Bioscience is proud to be the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for Evrogen products.

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