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East West Biopharma

East West Biopharma

East West Biopharma (EWB) provide human biospecimens from a wide range of therapeutic areas including tissues, blood, urine, sputum and other biofluids, as well as derivatives from these sample types for research purposes.

With over 10 years’ experience in human biospecimen procurement for precision medicine, EWB provide guaranteed compliance to international guidelines and strict adherence to local and international ethical regulations. Their integrated biospecimen database for collection and inventory quality checks ensures full traceability, alongside dedicated full-cycle project management. This customised approach for sample collection gives flexibility for complex and diverse projects to meet specific customer requirements.

Benefits of using EWB human biospecimens
• Fully traceable and transparent tissue origin
• All biospecimens obtained directly from original source
• Guaranteed high quality
• Guaranteed compliance with international and local ethical regulations
• Large clinical site network with dedicated full-cycle project management
• Sample delivery within 24 hours (Europe)
• Customised approach to adapt projects to exact customer requirements

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to provide East West Biopharma biospecimens in the UK and Ireland