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B-MoGen Biotechnologies

B-MoGen Biotechnologies
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B-MoGen have developed and licensed cutting edge tools and custom services that use transposons and targeted nucleases for gene delivery and gene editing. These innovative new methods accelerate research into human diseases and are powerful solutions for antibody validation, enhancing protein production, and mitochondrial DNA editing. The gene delivery solutions offered by B-MoGen enhance gene delivery for hard to transfect cells, including primary cells, and most importantly improve the duration of gene expression.

B-MoGen Portfolio
The B-Mogen portfolio of products includes:
• Gene Editing Enhancement Kit™ (G.E.E.K)
• Sleeping Beauty Transposon Cell Line Customisation Services
• Sleeping Beauty Transposon System

Cambridge Bioscience is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for B-MoGen Technologies.

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