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Clone Connector

Clone Connector

Connecting You To The Right Clone

At Cambridge Bioscience we do not believe that you should spend time searching for your cDNA clone, ORF or shRNA construct. That is why we offer our customers our free Clone Connector Service. Let us do the searching and connect you with the right product from among the "world’s largest collection of full length cDNA clones" and genome wide shRNA for human, mouse and rat genes from OriGene.

What Is The Clone Connector?
Using the information you provide, one of our dedicated team will search for your clone, ORF or shRNA construct from OriGene’s extensive range of products. All you need to do is fill the Clone Connector form and we will email you full details of the suggested products that match your specifications.

Best of all, the service is absolutely FREE! So Click Here and find your clone today.

What Do I Need To Specify?
You can use the service specifying information on any of the four categories highlighted below:
• Accession Number
• Catalogue number
• Gene Name
• Gene Symbol
Even if you do not have any of this information, you can include a brief description of what you are looking for and we will try and help you.

What Clones Are Searched?
We will search from OriGene’s collection of 25,000 Human TrueORFs, 33,000 Human full length TrueClones, 20,000 Mouse True ORFs, 6,000 Mouse TrueClones and 60,000 genome wide shRNA for human, mouse and rat genes. We will help you find the correct product with the appropriate epitope or fluorescent protein tag. If the product you require is not available as a catalogue product we can provide you with details of custom gene and shRNA synthesis service to match your needs.

Don’t Waste Time; Let Us Connect You To Your Clone!

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