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Superior Monoclonal Antibodies - TrueMAB™

Cambridge Bioscience offers antibodies made against authentic protein antigens affinity purified under native conditions to preserve their three dimensional conformations (mostly full-length proteins expressed in human cell lines). Unlike  many commercially available antibodies raised against short peptides, the exceptionally specific and sensitive TrueMAB™ antibodies are able to recognise the native epitope of the target protein target making them ideal for applications that are sensitive to proteins’ conformations, such as IF/ICC, IP, flow, ELISA, IHC and high content screening (HCS).

TrueMAB™ antibodies have been validated in the following applications:
• Western blot on cell lysates (9 cell lines with a positive control)
• Immunohistochemistry on 24 human normal & tumour FFPE tissues
• Immunofluorescent staining
• Flow cytometry
• Immuno-precipitation

• Immunofluorescence
• Immunoprecipitation
• Immunohistochemistry
• Flow cytometry
• Antibody arrays

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