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Purified, Full Length Human Proteins

Cambridge Bioscience offers over 5000 full length, purified, human proteins expressed in human HEK293 cells. This is one of the broadest offerings of human proteins produced in human cells on the market.

Benefits of using OriGene's Human Proteins
• Expressed in HEK293 cells
• Optimal preservation of protein structure, post-translational modifications and functions
• >80% purity through affinity purification
• Validated by western blot with many also validated by mass spectrophotometry

These proteins are ideal for the following applications:
• Native antigens for optimised antibody production
• Standards in ELISA and other assays
• Protein-protein interaction
In vitro biochemical assays and cell-based functional assays

We also offer a large scale protein production service. Contact us for more information Here

A small selection of the human protein portfolio can be found below. Please search the website to find your specific protein.


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