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Cambridge Bioscience offers a range of well-validated and cited ELISAs for quantifying the IgG2 subclass across several species. Our ELISAs have been tested with a wide range of sample types including serum, plasma and cell culture.

Two formats of ELISA are available:

• ELISA Sets
An excellent, cost-effective option which includes both paired antibodies and standard to allow for up to 1000 individual assays.

• ELISA Kits
Self-contained kits which are packaged with all the necessary buffers, substrates, detection antibodies and pre-coated 96 strip-well plates to cut down your workflow.

We also offer starter accessory packs that contain full sets of reagents sufficient for 1000 assays tested and verified for use with the ELISA sets (Cat No. E101/E103).


Note: product availability depends on country - see product detail page.

Details Cat number & supplier Size Price
Bovine IgG2 ELISA Kit E11-117 · Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
Bethyl Laboratories, Inc.
96 wells £477.00
96 wells
Human Therapeutic IgG2 ELISA Kit CAY500960-96 wells · Cayman Chemical
CAY500960-96 wells
Cayman Chemical
96 wells £716.00
96 wells
IgG2 (human) ELISA Standard CAY400964-1 ea · Cayman Chemical
CAY400964-1 ea
Cayman Chemical
1 each £231.00
1 each