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shRNA With Over 70% Guaranteed Knockdown
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shRNA - HusH-29 mer Kits

shRNA - HusH-29 mer Kits

Cambridge Bioscience offers a genome-wide collection of pre-designed shRNA for effective target gene expression knockdown. Available for human, mouse and rat genes, the longer length of the HusH-29 hairpin expression clones result in efficient entry to the RNAi pathway. Higher potency and specificity can be achieved compared to shorter RNAi forms, with guaranteed knockdown (≥70%) from at least one of the four constructs included against the target gene.

Benefits Of Using HuSH-29 mer Products:
• Guaranteed knockdown (≥70%)
• Fully sequenced
• Scrambled negative control included
• Range of vector formats available
• Fluorescent tag option
• Transient or stable transfection compatible
• Use for simple transfection or packaged into virus
• Provides a renewable RNAi source
• Highly cited

Each shRNA is available in the following formats:
• pRS: basic retroviral vector without fluorescence
• pRS: retroviral vector with GFP, to monitor transfection
• pRS: retroviral vector with RFP, ideal for double knockdown
• pGFP-C-shLenti: Lentiviral vector with GFP to monitor transfection

Other custom shRNA options are available. If you would like to speak to someone regarding a custom shRNA construct, please Click Here

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Note: availability depends on country - see product detail page.

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