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Lentiviral miRNA Expression - Lenti-miR™

Lentiviral miRNA Expression - Lenti-miR™

Cambridge Bioscience offers an extensive collection of microRNA precursor clones in lentiviral vectors for the stable and robust over expression of miRNA from miRNA precursor clones. Our unique human and mouse Lenti-Mir™ collection is the largest and most comprehensive collection of miRNA precursor clones in lentiviral vectors on the market and is the only commercially-available collection of microRNAs that are cloned in lentiviral vectors capable of being propagated.

Benefits of Using the Lenti-miR™ Collection
• Largest collection on the market
• Mouse & human clones available
• Suitable for use with dividing & non-dividing cells
• Transfection & infection compatible
• Stably expressed in multiple cell types
• Authentic mature microRNAs
• Constitutive CMV promoter
• Monitor positive expressing cells - copGFP reporter
• Specific clusters available

miRNA Structure
The Lenti-Mir™ range includes the following clusters associated with various cancers:
Cancer & Stem Cell miRNA Clusters
• miR-302bcad
• miR-17~92a
• miR-371-371
• miR-106b-25
• miR-106a-363

Breast Cancer Stem Cell Clusters
• miR-200b-200a-429
• miR-200c-141
• miR-183-182

Lenti-miR™ Process

LentiMir Process
Pooled Pre-packaged miRNA Virus Library- Lenti-miR™
We also offer pools of pre-packaged, ready-to-infect viral particles containing the entire microRNA precursor collection for high-throughput phenotypic screens.

Complete Packaging System
For viral transduction we recommend using the pPACK-H1 Lentivector Packaging System (cat.#LV500A-1) together with the 293TN cell line (cat.#LV900A-1). The packaging system provides all the necessary coat proteins to manufacture pseudoviral particles for delivery of the anti-microRNA expression construct into any mammalian cells. In addition the constructs are also suitable for direct transfection into target cells.

Custom Constructs
To discuss your custom construct requirements with one of our specialists, please Click Here

Material Available For Download
Lenti-miR™ Collection Flyer
Human Lenti-miR MicroRNA Constructs User Manual
Mouse Lenti-miR MicroRNA Constructs User Manual

Lenti-miR™ Collection Citation List


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