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Episomal DNA Vectors

Episomal DNA Vectors

Cambridge Bioscience offers episomal DNA vectors (Minicircles). Produced as circular expression cassettes devoid of any bacterial plasmid DNA backbone, their smaller molecular size enables more efficient transfections and offers sustained expression over a period of weeks as compared to standard plasmid vectors that only work for a few days.

Benefits of Using the Minicircle DNA Vector Technology
• Ultra-pure minicircle DNA
• Highly reproducible
• Efficient removal of gDNA
• Up to 14 days expression in dividing cells and longer for non-dividing cells
• For use in vivo or in vitro
• Parental plasmid is degraded, preventing immune responses
• Optimised E. coli production strain
• Choice of promoter, reporter gene and vector format

Custom Minicircle DNA Vector Services
We offer, in collaboration with System Biosciences, access to a custom minicircle DNA vector service. To request further information or pricing for this service, please Click Here

Material Available for Download
Minicircle DNA Production System User Manual
Minicircle DNA Vector Technology Datasheet


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