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Highly effective & efficient in vitro delivery of Cas9 RNP for genome editing in challenging cells

EconoTaq® PLUS Master Mix

EconoTaq® PLUS Master Mix

Cambridge Bioscience offers a highly effective and easy-to-use range of master mixes. Containing high purity, high activity EconoTaq® DNA polymerase for reliable amplification of templates up to 5kb, the EconoTaq® PLUS range is more effective than other Taq master mixes.

Benefits of Using EconoTaq® PLUS
Highly effective
Excellent results in routine PCR

EconoTaq® PLUS
The EconoTaq® PLUS 2x master mix contains EconoTaq®, dNTPs and a proprietary PCR enhancer to successfully amplify templates that fail to amplify with other PCR master mixes. The EconoTaq® PLUS GREEN 2X master mix contains all the components found in the EconoTaq® PLUS 2x master mix and tracking dyes to monitor the running of the samples in the gel.

Free Sample
Request a free sample of the EconoTaq® PLUS 2X Master Mix or EconoTaq® PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mix Here

Material Available for Download
EconoTaq® PLUS 2X Master Mix Manual
EconoTaq® PLUS GREEN 2X Master Mix Manual


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