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Lentiviral miRNA Knockdown - miRZips™

Lentiviral miRNA Knockdown - miRZips™

Cambridge Bioscience offers pre-made miRZip™ short-hairpin RNAs, against specific miRNAs. These constructs are cloned into the pGreenPuro™ shRNA expression lentivector and provided as bacterial streaks.

Benefits of Using the miRZips™
• Rationally designed, asymmetric hairpins optimised for anti-sense miRNA production
• Reliable lentiviral delivery to dividing & non-dividing cells
• Stable & permanent anti-miRNA expression from the constitutive H1 promoter
• GFP or puromycin selection

Complete Packaging System
For viral transduction we recommend using the pPACK-H1 lentivector packaging system (cat.#LV500A-1) together with the 293TN cell line (cat.#LV900A-1). The packaging system provides all the necessary coat proteins to manufacture pseudoviral particles for delivery of the anti-microRNA expression construct into any mammalian cells. In addition the constructs are also suitable for direct transfection into target cells.

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