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Mix-n-Stain Antibody Labelling Kits

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Photostable Antibody Labelling Kits - Mix-n-Stain™

Photostable Antibody Labelling Kits - Mix-n-Stain™

Cambridge Bioscience offers the simple but highly efficient Mix-n-Stain™ antibody labelling kits from Biotium. Using the very bright yet photostable CF™ dyes, 5-100ug of antibody can be covalently labelled in just 30 minutes without separation or the need to calculate dye concentration.

Benefits of Using Mix-n-Stain™
• 30 minutes to labelled antibodies
• Direct & stable covalent labelling with no dye transfer or diffusion
• Photostable, bright & pH insensitive CF™ dyes used
• Dyes with wavelengths covering the entire visible & near-IR spectra available
• <30 seconds hands-on time
• Simple addition protocol
• No post-staining fixation
• No purification steps
• Common antibody stabilizers tolerated
• Highly stable conjugate formed


Benefits of Using the CF™ Dyes
The CF™ dyes, covering the entire visible and near-IR spectra, rival or exceed the brightness of other dyes, are highly pH insensitive and have amongst the highest photostability available. These dyes are particularly useful for antibody conjugates as are less highly charged than many other dyes ensuring a reduced impact on the protein isoelectric point.

HeLa Cells stained with Mix-n-Stain™


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