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Total RNA Purification From Acid-Guanidinium-Phenol Reagents
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High Quality DNA & RNA Purification From Agarose

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Gel DNA Recovery Kit - Zymoclean™

Gel DNA Recovery Kit - Zymoclean™

Cambridge Bioscience offers a kit for the rapid and effective extraction of up to 23kb DNA from TAE/TBE buffered agarose gel slices. Featuring Fast-Spin technology to yield high-quality, purified DNA, the Zymoclean™ gel DNA recovery kit enables the size selection of DNA for use in sequencing, cloning, PCR and labelling reactions in minutes.

Benefits Of Using The Zymoclean™
• 15 minute procedure
• High quality, purified DNA produced
• Excellent DNA recovery
• Minimal elution volumes
• Wide downstream application compatibility


“Protocols are very well written and Instructions easy to follow. Always had good results with your products.”
Simin H. (University of California, Irvine)

Zymoclean™ Simple Spin, Wash & Elute Protocol

Effective Recovery Of DNA Samples From Agarose Gel

DNA fragments recovered from an agarose gel using the Zymoclean™ Gel DNA Recovery Kit. Lanes: M: DNA Ladder; 1-5: individual ladder DNA fragments.

Eluted DNA is suitable for use in various downstream applications including:
• DNA ligation reactions
• Sequencing
• DNA labelling reactions

In addition we also offer a 96-well, ZR-96 Zymoclean™ gel DNA recovery kit format and the Zymoclean™ large fragment gel DNA recovery kit for the purification of large fragments up to ~200kb.

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Material Available For Download
Zymoclean™ Gel DNA Recovery Kit Datasheet
Zymoclean™ Gel DNA Recovery Kit User Guide
ZR-96 Zymoclean™ Gel DNA Recovery Kit User Guide
Zymoclean™ Large Fragment DNA Recovery Kit User Guide


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