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ω-3 Arachidonic Acid

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CAY90011-1 mg
1 mg
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This product is for research use only and is not for human consumption or therapeutic use.
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A solution in ethanol

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8z,11z,14z,17z-eicosatetraenoic acid, fa 20:4, ω-3 aa

Product Description:

ω-3 Arachidonic acid is a rare PUFA found in trace amounts in dietary sources. ω-3 Fatty acids are now known to be essential for infant growth and development and protect against heart disease, thrombosis, hypertension, and inflammatory and autoimmune disorders.{5525} In human platelet membranes, ω-3 arachidonic acid inhibits arachidonoyl-CoA synthetase with a Ki of 14 µM. It also inhibits arachidonoyl-CoA synthetase in calf brain extracts with an IC50 value of about 5 µM.{2166}

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CAY90011-1 mg: ω-3 Arachidonic Acid
CAY90011-1 mg: ω-3 Arachidonic Acid
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CAY390011-500 ug
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