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Docosanoic Acid

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CAY9000338-500 mg
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This product is for research use only and is not for human consumption or therapeutic use.
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A crystalline solid

Molecular Weight:


Alternative Names:

behenic acid, c22:0, dca, fa 22:0, nsc 32364

Product Description:

A long-chain saturated fatty acid; binds to the DNA binding domain of p53 (Kd = 12 nM) and inhibits the DNA binding activity; inhibits rat DNA polymerase β and human DNA polymerase λ activity at 100 µM; inhibits human DNA topoisomerase I and II relaxation activity at 25 µM; liver levels are reduced in rats fed a high-fat or a high-fat high-cholesterol diet

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CAY9000338-500 mg: Docosanoic Acid
CAY9000338-500 mg: Docosanoic Acid
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CAY29075-1 mg
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