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Fresh whole human blood in CPD - ambient overnight delivery - BLD1DA2CPD400-XSXX - 400 ml - Research Donors - blood products

Fresh whole human blood in CPD - ambient overnight delivery
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Size: 400 ml
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Fresh whole human blood in CPD - ambient overnight delivery

Fresh whole human blood supplied in a blood bag containing CPD anticoagulant. Blood comes from a healthy donor aged between 18-60. Donors are screened and tested negative for HIV, Hepatitis B and C. The blood is stored and shipped under ambient conditions. The blood is shipped overnight to arrive the day after collection. We aim to deliver next day delivery orders received before 2 pm on the fourth working day after order receipt. Delivery at a later date can be arranged by clearly stating the required delivery date on your Purchase Order. Earlier delivery may be possible but will be subject to additional charges and must be agreed prior to ordering. Please contact for further details. Our service relies on the attendance at clinic of volunteer donors and their ability to donate on the day of their appointment. Whilst we make every effort to fulfil orders in a timely manner, no guarantees are provided.

Product Type:
Blood products
Storage Temp:
10 - 25°C
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