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LoopSeq™ 16S Microbiome SSC 24-plex Kit - LG16S24RXNSS - 24 samples - Loop Genomics - reagents & kit components

LoopSeq™ 16S Microbiome SSC 24-plex Kit
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Size: 24 samples
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LoopSeq™ 16S Microbiome SSC 24-plex Kit

This kit selectively zooms into a bacterial population of microbiome samples and provides comprehensive profiling based on all 9 variable regions and barcode-based molecular counting. It also features a multiplex workflow that pools 24 samples into a single tube with less than 3 hours of hands-on time. It’s the perfect kit for labs looking for better data from samples with high background non-bacterial DNA. Compatible with all Illumina instruments.* *HiSeqs, NextSeqs, and NovaSeqs are recommended for per base cost benefits.


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