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Human CellExp™ Siglec-2 / CD22, Mouse Recombinant

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50 µg
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B-cell receptor CD22 is also known as Sialic acid-binding Ig-like lectin 2 (Siglec-2), B-lymphocyte cell adhesion molecule (BL-CAM), T-cell surface antigen Leu-14, which belongs to the immunoglobulin superfamily and SIGLEC (sialic acid binding Ig-like lectin) family. CD22 mediates B-cell B-cell interactions, and may be involved in the localisation of B-cells in lymphoid tissues. Siglec-2 / CD22 binds sialylated glycoproteins, one of which is CD45. Siglec2 / CD22 plays a role in positive regulation through interaction with Src family tyrosine kinases and may also act as an inhibitory receptor by recruiting cytoplasmic phosphatases via their SH2 domains that block signal transduction through dephosphorylation of signaling molecules.

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Proteins and peptides

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CD22, SIGLEC2, BL-CAM, Leu-14

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BioVision P1330-50

BioVision P1330-50