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Protein A Antibody Purification Kit

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Protein A beads have been widely used for IgG purification for their ability to bind immunoglobulins. BioVision’s Protein A (Cat. No. 6500 and 6500B) is a genetically engineered protein containing five IgG-binding regions of native Protein A. Maximum IgG specificity is achieved by eliminating its cell wall binding region, albumin binding region, and other non-specific regions. Hi-BindTM Protein A-Agarose beads (Cat. No. 6520) for purification of IgG contain covalently coupled recombinant Protein A to 6% cross-linked Agarose beads, the most popular resin for protein purification. BioVision’s Protein A Antibody purification Kit is a simple, ready to use kit containing all necessary buffers and pre-packed columns to purify up to 350 mg of IgG. The kit can be used to purify antibodies in serum, ascites and cell culture medium from various species such as human, mouse, rat, goat and rabbit.

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  • Applications: Purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies from culture media, serum, ascites fluid or hybridoma supernatants.
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Protein A Antibody Purification Kit

Protein A Antibody Purification Kit