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BluPAD Transilluminator - BP001CU - 1 unit - Cambridge Bioscience - instruments & consumables

BluPAD Transilluminator
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Size: 1 unit
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BluPAD Transilluminator

A new take on transilluminators with modern low profile design and dual LED light sources. Blue illumination, ideal for safe style DNA dyes including GelGreen and white illumination for stained protein gels. System provided with magnetic clip on amber viewing screen and scratch resistant blue cutting screen. An origami style pop up darkroom completes the set enabling images to be readily captured with a smart phone. Unit Dimensions (WxLxH): 18.5 x 22 x 3cm. Gel Viewing Dimensions(WxL): 12 x 18cm. Input Voltage: 100-240Vac. Input Current: 2.0A. LED Source: Built-in blue light & white light. LED module LED life(hours): >30,000. Emission maxima(nm): 470nm. Automatic Power-Off: 5 mins. Filter Type: Amber filter (580nm). Certifications: CE/ETL.

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Instruments & Consumables
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