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Anti-Citrullinated Human Fibrinogen Assay Kit (mouse) - CAY501270-96 wells - 96 wells - Cayman Chemical - assays & kits

Anti-Citrullinated Human Fibrinogen Assay Kit (mouse)
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Size: 96 wells
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CAY501270-96 wells
Anti-Citrullinated Human Fibrinogen Assay Kit (mouse)

Immunization of mice with citrullinated human fibrinogen, especially mice expressing the human HLA-DR4 transgene, induces an arthritic response driven by the production of antibodies that recognize citrullinated epitopes. The polyclonal antibody response produces antibodies reactive with both citrullinated human fibrinogen and unmodified, noncitrullinated human fibrinogen. Cayman’s Anti-Citrullinated Human Fibrinogen Assay (mouse) is an immunometric (sandwich) assay that can be used to distinguish the antibody response to citrullinated human fibrinogen from the antibody response to unmodified human fibrinogen in mouse serum or plasma. A human fibrinogen affinity sorbent is provided with the kit so that any antibodies capable of reacting with non-citrullinated (unmodified) fibrinogen can be removed prior to analysis of the remaining anti-citrullinated fibrinogen antibodies for an accurate analysis of the anti-citrulline response. This kit uses a citrullinated human fibrinogen-coated plate and a detection antibody recognizing mouse IgG. An anti-citrullinated human fibrinogen monoclonal antibody is included as a standard. The standard curve spans the range of 0.15 to 10 µg/ml, with an an LLOQ of 0.15 µg/ml.,

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