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BSB - ANA88300 - 5 mg - AnaSpec - reagents & kit components

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Size: 5 mg
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BSB, derived from the structure of Congo Red, is shown to bind to a wide range of amyloid inclusions in situ. More importantly it is also used to label brain amyloids in live animals. BSB recognizes amyloid lesions, and has distinctive properties which allow the quantitative monitoring of the formation of amyloid fibrils assembled from the Ab peptide, a-synuclein and tau. It is a cell-permeable fluorescent probe that specifically binds to and labels intracellular b-amyloid aggregates both in vitro (Ki = 400 nM) and in vivo. It is also used as an antemortem diagnostic tool for animal models of Alzheimer’s disease.

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Reagents & Kit Components
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-20°C desiccated and protected from light
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Crystal AS, et al. (2003). A comparison of amyloid fibrillogenesis using the novel fluorescent compound K114. J Neurochem 86, 1359-68. Kung MP, et al. (2002). Radioiodinated styrylbenzene derivatives as potential SPECT imaging agents for amyloid plaque detection in Alzheimer''s disease. J Mol Neurosci 19, 7-10.
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