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MQAE - ANA84925 - 100 mg - AnaSpec - reagents & kit components

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Size: 100 mg
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Fluorescent indicator for Cl–

Product Type:
Reagents & Kit Components
Storage Temp:
-20°C desiccated and protected from light
Molecular Weight:
Nitzan YB, et al. (2004). Histochemical and histofluorescence tracing of chelatable zinc in the developing mouse. J Histochem Cytochem 52, 529-39; Andersson C and Roomans GM (2002). Determination of chloride efflux by X-ray microanalysis versus MQAE-fluorescence. Microsc Res Tech 59, 531-5; Varea E, et al. (2001). Imaging synaptic zinc release in living nervous tissue. J Neurosci Methods 110, 57-63; Inglefield JR and Schwartz-Bloom RD (1999). Fluorescence imaging of changes in intracellular chloride in living brain slices. Methods 18, 197-203; Woll E, et al. (1996). Fluorescence-optical measurements of chloride movements in cells using the membrane-permeable dye diH-MEQ. Pflugers Arch 432, 486-93; Andrews JC, et al. (1995). Characterization of N-(6-methoxy-8-quinolyl)-p-toluenesulfonamide for the detection of zinc in living sperm cells. Cytometry 21, 153-9; Stern M, et al. (1995). Quantitative fluorescence measurements of chloride secretion in native airway epithelium from CF and non-CF subjects. Gene Ther 2, 766-74; Jindal RM, et al. (1993). Zinc-specific N-(6-methoxy-8-quinolyl)-para-toluenesulfonamide as a selective nontoxic fluorescence stain for pancreatic islets. Biotech Histochem 68, 196-205; MacVinish LJ, et al. (1993). Kinin-induced chloride permeability changes in colony 29 epithelia estimated from 125I- efflux and MEQ fluorescence. Br J Pharmacol 108, 469-78; Orosz DE and Garlid KD (1993). A sensitive new fluorescence assay for measuring proton transport across liposomal membranes. Anal Biochem 210, 7-15; Verkman AS, et al. (1989). Quantitative fluorescence measurement of chloride transport mechanisms in phospholipid vesicles. Biochemistry 28, 4240-4.
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