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5-TAMRA cadaverine - ANA81507 - 5 mg - AnaSpec - reagents & kit components

5-TAMRA cadaverine
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Size: 5 mg
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5-TAMRA cadaverine

5-TAMRA cadaverine is the purified single isomer of 5(6)-TAMRA cadaverine mixture. It is preferred for some complicated biological applications where reproducibility is more critical than material cost since the minor positional difference between 5-isomer and 6-isomer might have biological implications.

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Reagents & Kit Components
Alternative Names:
[Tetramethylrhodamine-5-carboxamide cadaverine]
Storage Temp:
-20°C desiccated and protected from light
Molecular Weight:
Nurminskaya MV and Linsenmayer TF (2002). Immunohistological analysis of transglutaminase factor XIIIA expression in mouse embryonic growth plate. J Orthop Res 20, 575-8; Olorundare OE, et al. (2001). Assembly of a fibronectin matrix by adherent platelets stimulated by lysophosphatidic acid and other agonists. Blood 98, 117-24.
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