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SensoLyte® AMC Caspase Profiling Kit *Fluorimetric* - ANA71120 - 1 kit - AnaSpec - assays & kits

SensoLyte® AMC Caspase Profiling Kit *Fluorimetric*
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SensoLyte® AMC Caspase Profiling Kit *Fluorimetric*

Caspases play important roles in apoptosis and cell signaling. They are also identified as drug-screening targets. AMC-based substrates yield blue fluorescence upon protease cleavage (Ex/Em=354 nm/442 nm). They are widely used to monitor caspase activity. The SensoLyte® Caspase Profiling Kit contains a series of AMC-based peptide substrates as fluorogenic indicators for assaying caspase protease activities. The kit contains a well-designed plate in which a series of AMC-based caspase substrates are coated with both positive and negative controls. It provides the best solution for profiling caspases or caspase inhibitors. The kit contains: A 96-well plate coated with a series of AMC-based caspase substrates along with various controls*, Cell lysis buffer, Assay buffer, AMC (fluorescence reference standard for calibration), A detailed protocol *384-well plate format is available on custom basis.

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