[Lys(Ac)14]-Histone H3 (9-19), H3K14(Ac)

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This is a H3 peptide acetylated at the lysine residue at the 14th position. This peptide has been shown to act as part of the active promoter state and the extent of its acetylation could be driven by cis regulatory elements such as CpG contents at promoters. It's expression has been shown to be decreased as malignancy of ovarian epithelial tumors increased, suggesting that this peptide could act as a prognostic marker although it does not show significant relation with the occurence or development of ovarian tumors.

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Proteins & Peptides

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Peak Area by HPLC ≥95%

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1, Borra, MT. et al. Biochem. 43, 9877 (2004) 2, Karmodia K. et al. BMC Genomics. 13:424 (2012). 3, Li Z. et al. Intl J Gynec Cancer. 20(1):82-86 (2010).



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