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Kinase Substrates Library, Group I, biotinylated, 180 distinct peptide mixtures

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This positional scanning synthetic peptide combinatorial library (PS-SPCL) has been used in rapid identification of serine/threonine kinase phosphorylation motif. The use of this Group I of 180 distinct peptide mixtures, in combination with Group II of 18 distinct peptide mixtures (cat# 62335), can provide sequence preference information of the different kinases. Amount provided is 1 mg of peptide mixture x 180 vials. Sequences: Y-A-Z-X-X-X-X-S/T-X-X-X-X-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 Y-A-X-Z-X-X-X-S/T-X-X-X-X-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 Y-A-X-X-Z-X-X-S/T-X-X-X-X-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 Y-A-X-X-X-Z-X-S/T-X-X-X-X-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 Y-A-X-X-X-X-Z-S/T-X-X-X-X-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 Y-A-X-X-X-X-X-S/T-Z-X-X-X-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 Y-A-X-X-X-X-X-S/T-X-Z-X-X-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 Y-A-X-X-X-X-X-S/T-X-X-Z-X-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 Y-A-X-X-X-X-X-S/T-X-X-X-Z-A-G-K-K(LC-Biotin)-NH2 X = degenerate mixture of the 17 natural amino acids excluding cysteine, serine, and threonine. LC = 'long chain' version with an additional aminohexanoic acid spacer between the biotin and lysine side chain. S/T = equimolar mixture of serine and threonine. Z = fixed position varied between the 20 natural amino acids.

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