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TAT (47-57) GGG-Cys(Npys) - ANA61215 - 1 mg - AnaSpec - proteins & peptides

TAT (47-57) GGG-Cys(Npys)
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Size: 1 mg
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TAT (47-57) GGG-Cys(Npys)

This peptide corresponds to the protein transduction domain of the TAT protein and is synthesized with an activated cysteine residue C(Npys), wherein Npys is 3-Nitro-2-pyridinesulfenyl group and is used for activating S of cysteine and for rapid reaction when a thiol group is introduced. The N-terminus is rendered free for applications requiring certain conjugation reactions with a free N-terminal end, and a linker GGG is placed at the C-terminal end, and the peptide has been synthesized with the C(Npys) group. This kind of modification has been used to render this peptide as a cell penetrating and carrier peptide applicable in conjugation studies.

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Proteins & Peptides
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1, Bright R. et al. Neurosci lett. 441, 120-124 (2008) 2, Moultin HM. et al. Bioconj Chem. 15(2):290-299 (2004).
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