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HNP-1, Defensin Human Neutrophil Peptide-1 - ANA60743 - 0.1 mg - AnaSpec - proteins & peptides

HNP-1, Defensin Human Neutrophil Peptide-1
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Size: 0.1 mg
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HNP-1, Defensin Human Neutrophil Peptide-1

Mammalian defensins are abundant in the cytoplasmic azurophilic granules of neutrophils, Paneth cells of the small intestine and some macrophages. Human a-defensin-1 (HNP-1) is a peptide possessing both broad antimicrobial (both Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria) and cytotoxic activities. HNP-1 reduces adenoviral infection by more than 95%.

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Proteins & Peptides
Alternative Names:
ACYCRIPACIAGERRYGTCIYQGRLWAFCC (Disulfide bridge: 2-30, 4-19, 9-29)
Storage Temp:
Compound Purity:
Peak Area by HPLC ≥95%
Molecular Weight:
Ref: Frick, I. et al. J. Biol. Chem. 278, 16561 (2003); Valore, E. at al. J. Clin. Invest. 97, 1624 (1996); Mizukawa, N. et al. Anticancer Res. 20, 1125 (2000); Bastian, A. and H. Schafer, Regul Pept. 101, 157 (2001).
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