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C9, Mouse, mAb C9-6-25-5 - HM1134 - 100 µg - Hycult Biotech - antibodies

C9, Mouse, mAb C9-6-25-5
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C9, Mouse, mAb C9-6-25-5

The monoclonal antibody C9-5-48 recognizes mouse complement component C9. The complement system is an ancient proinflammatory and microbial destruction system, that may be considered part of both the innate and adaptive immune systems. It consists of the classical, alternative, and lectin-binding pathways. Each pathway is triggered in a distinct manner, yet all deposit C3 fragments on a target and engage a common terminal sequence called TCC or the "membrane attack complex" (MAC). In contrast to the activation pathways, which require enzymatic cleavage for activation, the terminal pathway relies on conformational changes induced by binding of the different subunits. TCC is composed of a complex of four complement proteins (C5b, C6, C7, and C8) which bind to the outer surface of the target plasma membrane, and many copies of a fifth protein (C9) that hookup to one another, forming a ring in the membrane. The ring structure formed by C9 is a pore in the membrane that allows free diffusion of molecules in and out of the cell. If enough pores form, the cell is no longer able to survive. The membrane attack complex is initiated when the complement protein, C5 convertase, cleaves C5 into C5a and C5b. Binding of C6 facilitates binding of C7 which alters the conformation of the complex. After binding of C8, a variable number of C9 molecules associate with the C5b678 complex, together constituting TCC. The formation of TCC causes lysis of cells or can trigger a variety of cellular metabolic pathways resulting in the synthesis and release of inflammatory mediators.



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Murine C9 peptide
Storage Temp:
2 - 8°C
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Monoclonal antibody
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