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Long Read Microbiome Sequencing From Illumina Sequencers
Long Read Transcriptome Sequencing From Illumina Sequencers
Locus & Sequence Specific 5-hmC Quantification Kits

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Synthetic long reads

Loop Genomics provide novel sample prep kits for long-reads from Illumina® Sequencers, with no extra hardware required. The simple and streamlined workflow as each kit comes with all the reagents needed to get from extracted genomic DNA or RNA to a sequencing-ready library*. Over 10 years of research from AStar, University of Michigan and the Weizmann Institute has been leveraged in creating this product.

Cambridge Bioscience is pleased to exclusively distribute Loop Genomics in the UK.

Loop Genomics product categories

Loop Genomics Product Categories

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Loop Genomics technology
Using unique molecular identifiers, the Loop Genomics technology attaches the same barcode at multiple positions within a long single molecule. Their proprietary enzymes “copy and paste" the original barcode at multiple positions throughout the molecule. After barcoding, molecules are PCR amplified and then standard library prep and sequencing can proceed. After sequencing, reads with the same barcodes are grouped together and assembled back into the longer molecules. All amplification is done post-barcoding giving long-read sequencing as well as molecule counting.

Every sample is exposed to millions of unique barcodes, but only one barcode attaches per strand of DNA at the 16S site


Every molecule, along with its unique barcode, is amplified using PCR


For each molecule copy, the barcode is randomly distributed within the molecule


Sequence the segment next to each barcode


Short reads that share the same barcode are combined algorithmically into a full-length molecule using linking-read de novo assembly.


*Except magnetic purification beads (e.g. SPRI)

Illumina is a registered trademark of Illumina, Inc

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