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High Efficiency Competent Cells for Protein Expression
Electrocompetent Cells With The Highest Transformation Efficiency
Fresh Human PBMCs

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Custom Stem Cell & iPSC Services

Cambridge Bioscience offers custom stem cell and induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) services from System Biosciences (SBI). This service offers custom generation of iPSCs from patient samples and other model systems using both viral and nonviral methods. In addition to other stem cell related custom services, Cambridge Bioscience can also offer the generation of iPSC reporter cell lines, perform directed differentiation and build custom lineage reporters.

Episomal Reprogramming Service 
We offer access to a virus-free, footprint-free and feeder-free episomal reprogramming service. Using the episomal, non-integrating Epstein-Barr Nuclear Antigen 1 (EBNA) plasmid system, EBNA1 factor binds to a replication origin (oriP) within the viral genome and mediates the replication and partitioning of the episomes during division of the host cells. This element has been engineered and included in the standard iPSC factor plasmids for efficient, non-integrating reprogramming. Episomes are lost from cells at a rate of ~5% per cell generation and most iPS cell lines lose the episomes completely by passage 15.

Episomal Reprogramming Service Workflow
• Two vials of approximately 2x10^5 patient fibroblast cells provided by customer
• Patient fibroblasts expanded
• Fibroblasts electroporated with the EBNA reprogramming episomal plasmids
• Cells cultured until iPSC morphology
• iPS cells picked &expanded
• iPSCs characterized for pluripotency markers AP, TRA-1-60, Nanog & SSEA3
• 3 - 5 independent iPS cell lines delivered
• 3-5 month turnaround time

Examples Of Patient-Specific iPS Cell Lines Created At SBI Using EBNA
EBNA Reprogramming Service
Retroviral Reprogramming Service
We also offer access to a retroviral reprogramming service. Using standard Oct4, Sox2, c-Myc, and Klf4 factors, this service enables disease and patient-specific iPSCs to be generated from a researchers own model system.

Retroviral Reprogramming Service Workflow
• iPSC colonies selected based on expected morphology
• ESC markers Nanog or Oct4, SSEA3/4 & TRA-1-81 AP stained and immunostained
• 5 validated iPSC colonies for each genotype delivered
• Turnaround time - mouse iPSCs- 2-3 months & human iPSCs 3-4 months

Examples Of Patient Specific iPS Cell Lines Created At SBI
iPS Cell Lines
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