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Stem cell culture media: Pluripro

The Pluripro® System from Cell Guidance Systems is a fully defined, feeder-free, stem cell culture media for the support of high purity and confluent expansion of human pluripotent cells. Composed of a carefully matched matrix coating and fully defined medium, the Pluripro system has been specifically designed to provide an ideal environment for the growth and maintenance of human pluripotent cells, reducing stem cell culture costs and labour intensity.

Benefits of using the Pluripro System
• Highly pure confluent culture
• Fully defined
• No feeder cells required
• Efficient and economical
• Uniformity across culture
• 48 hour feeding supported
• Single cell passage supported
• Flask- or dish-based culture

Cells cultured in Pluripro

Cells cultured in Pluripro

Cells cultured in Pluripro grow uniformly across the culture surface providing a highly homogeneous pluripotent population and an excellent, uniform starting material for directed differentiation. Oct4 staining shown.

Staining of pluripotency markers with Pluripro

Staining of pluripotency markers with Pluripro®

Cells cultured in the Pluripro® culture system routinely demonstrate staining of pluripotency markers across more than 98 percent of cells when subjected to FC analysis. Data shown is for SSEA-4.

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Material available for download
Pluripro Pluripotent Cell Culture System user manual

Pluripro citation list