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Single-Domain Monoclonal Ab Fragment Generation

Cambridge Bioscience offers Therabodies™, custom-made single-domain monoclonal antibody fragments with higher epitope diversity and greater target affinity than existing antibodies. Our single-domain monoclonal antibody fragment selection service includes animal immunisation, phage library synthesis, antibody fragment selection, expression/purification of ELISA positive clones, with eventual functional characterisation.

Benefits Of Using The Therabodies
• Great epitope diversity
• High target affinity & specificity
• High solubility
• Cost-effective
• Penetrate tissue faster than monoclonal antibodies
• Cross blood-brain barrier
• Extremely stable and resistant to high acidity & temperatures
• Ideal for research into therapeutic & diagnostic applications

• Cancer research
• Neuronal research in animal models
• Therapeutic applications
• Diagnostic applications

Ion Channel Complexed with Therabody

Ion Channel Complexed With Therabody

Architecture of the neurotransmitter-gated ion channel 5-HT3 complexed to the Therabody™ VHH15 [Hassaine et al, 2014] (4PIR). Intracellular view perpendicular to the membrane of the complex. VHH15 binds to the neurotransmitter binding site and points out of the complex core.

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