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Single Base Resolution DNA Methylation Analysis

Cambridge Bioscience offers access to a range of single base resolution DNA methylation analysis services from Zymo Research. Offering a range of different coverage levels from genome wide to whole genome coverage, these services combine next-gen sequencing and innovative bioinformatics with well-established bisulfite technologies providing the most comprehensive DNA methylation analysis service available.

Benefits of using the Single Base Resolution DNA Methylation Analysis Services
• Next-Gen bisulfite sequencing platforms for DNA methylation analysis
• Comprehensive bioinformatic analysis
• Low DNA input - < 500ng genomic DNA
• Wide sample source compatibility
• Customisable service
• Rapid turnaround time

The Methyl-MaxiSeq™, Methyl-MidiSeq™ and Methyl-MiniSeq™ services include:
• Sample processing & library preparation
• Next-gen sequencing
• Sequencing validation & bioinformatic analysis
• Data output & delivery

Methyl-Mini Seq™
Covers ~ 10% of the methylome
The Methyl-MiniSeq™  platform (an improved version of Reduced Representation Bisulfite Sequencing for greater coverage) can be used to detect 3-4 million unique CpG sites, allowing >85% coverage of all CpG islands and >80% of all gene promoters for a maximal amount of methylation data from less sequencing reads, reducing the overall cost. The system is applicable to biomarker discovery by providing for the identification and analysis of differentially methylated regions (DMRs) between samples.

Methyl-Midi Seq™
Covers ~ 30% of the methylome
Methyl-MidiSeq™ can be used to detect 8-9 million unique CpG sites. Extending the coverage of the Methyl-MiniSeq™ platform to include a large majority of genetic regulatory elements, gene bodies and repeated DNA sequences, it is a good option for those researchers requiring methylome analysis outside of gene promoters and CpG islands.

Covers the entire methylome
The Methyl-MaxiSeq™ platform offers whole-genome bisulfite sequencing and is intended for the detection of DNA methylation across the entire genome. DNA methylation information is provided in CpG context as well as in the less common CHG and CHH contexts. Attaining an average read coverage of 15-20X per base (for the human genome), this can be modified depending on your requirements. Since whole-genome sequence is provided, SNP analysis can be also be performed simultaneously.

Genome-Wide DNA Methylation Epigenetic Analysis Services Comparison
Single Base Resolution DNA Methylation Analysis

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