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3D cell culture ECM scaffolds: TissueSpec

TissueSpec® ECM scaffolds from Xylyx provide the biochemical, architectural and mechanical features of the specific endogenous tissue microenvironment required by cells in 3D culture, promoting cell adhesion, proliferation and functional organisation. Produced from porcine or human tissues to meet a wide range of size specifications and tissue-specific biophysical and mechanical properties, TissueSpec ECM Scaffolds can also be isolated from specific regions within the tissue of interest.

Benefits of using TissueSpec ECM scaffolds
• 3D acellular native matrix construct
• Derived from normal porcine tissues
• Preserves native tissue architecture
• Can be used in vitro and in vivo
• Compatible with fluorescence and light microscopy
• Customised in size
• Ready-to-use


Histologic comparison of (a) kidney stem cells recapitulating native renal structures on TissueSpec Kidney ECM Scaffolds and (b) native kidney. TissueSpec Kidney ECM Scaffolds guide kidney stem cells to generate 3D glomerular and tubular structures in vitro.


TissueSpec Liver ECM Scaffolds provide liver cells the 3D structure and biochemical environment of native liver. (a) Liver scaffolds contain abundant collagen IV, a key component of the hepatic basement membrane.(b) Liver cells (HepG2) were cultured in liver scaffolds for 7 days and stained with (i) trichrome (blue: collagens) and (ii) periodic acid-Schiff (pink: liver-specific matrix proteins) to visualise integration of liver cells into 3D liver scaffolds.

• Cell culture
• Cancer research
• Stem cell research
• Tissue engineering
• Clinical applications
• Drug screening
• Organ-on-a-chip

TissueSpec ECM scaffold formats
Standard TissueSpec ECM Scaffolds are derived from porcine tissues, however the Xylyx platform technology allows isolation of matrix from different tissue sources, including human tissues according to specific requests. Discuss a custom project with our Xylyx specialist.

TissueSpec ECM Scaffolds Catalogue number Volume
Blood vessel ECM MTSBV300 Custom
Bone ECM MTSBN300 Custom
Cartilage ECM MTSCT300 Custom
Colon ECM MTSCO300 Custom
Oesophagus ECM MTSE300 Custom
Heart ECM HTSHT300 Custom
Intestine ECM MTSIN300 Custom
Kidney ECM MTSKY300 Custom
Liver ECM MTSLV300 Custom
Lung ECM MTSLG300 Custom
Muscle ECM MTSMK300 Custom
Skin ECM MTSSK300 Custom
Stomach ECM MTSST300 Custom