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SARS-CoV-2 antigen testing products

Short lead times, validated products, simple protocols and automation support

We understand that in these challenging times with rapidly increasing reagent demand, you need secure supplies of validated reagents for your COVID testing workflows. We have worked with our suppliers to ensure that we can meet your requirements reliably and with short lead times. Our products are in use all over the UK in NHS and private testing labs.

We can supply the full workflow of products for COVID antigen testing from Zymo Research, which has been granted an EUA by the FDA. Alternatively, you can buy individual sections of the workflow, that fit with your instrumentation and throughput requirements.

Sample collection


Sample preparation


Real-time PCR


Automation support
You may be working with an unfamiliar instrument, or adapting your existing instrument to run COVID testing. We can help with any scripting or set up requirements you have. Contact our automation support specialists for assistance.