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Microbiomic & Metagenomic Research Tools
ZymoBIOMICS Spike-In Control I - Quantify Absolute Microbiome Sample Cell Number
All-in-One Stabilisation DNA / RNA Shield™ Reagent

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Sample collection & preservation

Cambridge Bioscience offers a stabilisation reagent to break the cold chain and ensure nucleic acid stability during sample storage/transport of cells, biological liquids and tissues at ambient temperatures. Effectively lysing cells and inactivateing nucleases and infectious agents, DNA/RNA Shield™ is compatible with various collection and storage devices (vacuum tubes, swabs (nasal, buccal, fecal), etc.).

Sample type/device
DNA/RNA Shield Reagent
Faecal collection tube
Swab collection tube
Blood collection tube
Saliva collection kit
Lysis tubes
Urine conditioning buffer
Swab samples
Environmental samples
Vector (tissue and insect)

Microbiomic and metagenomic portfolio
We offer a comprehensive solution for microbiomic and metagenomic research from collection to analyses.

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