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Breast Cancer Cell Optimisesd Transfection Reagent
Fast & Convenience HDAC Activity Assays Kits

DNA Methylation Library Prep Kit

Get More Reliable & Robust Results In Gene Silencing With siPOOL™

RNAi tools

Cambridge Bioscience provides a comprehensive and innovative range of RNAi tools for gene silencing including ready-to-transfect siRNA, shRNA constructs and lentiviral delivered premade RNAi constructs. We also offer a range of methods for delivery of these constructs from small RNA specific transfection reagents, to electroporation, to lentiviral vectors.

RNA retriever
A small selection of our RNAi products can be found at the links below. Please search the website or use our RNAi retriever service to find your specific target. Find out more about RNAi Retriever.

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